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My New School

On the 1st January 2013, I will be going to my new school, R.E.A.L. International School. It is a very beautiful school with lots of foreign students. I will be attending Grade 7 next year. My mother and father is so proud of me and they advise me to study hard. My sister, Aina, is going for her pre-University at Taylor's College. She is sitting for her O-Level. Due to her sickness, she was not able to sit for her SPM. But some of them say it is impossible to sit for O-Level if you haven't past SPM. So, this is the end of my story, but stay tune for more upgrades in this site!



My Cactus and Flowers

My father and I bought some flowers for the past few days. We went to Sungai Buloh Nursery, and we bought flowers, flower pots and gardening soil.  I bought 3 cactus, and my father bought bunga Kertas, bunga Hati-Hati, Daisy flowers, a Petunia, Basils, chilies and a corriander. We bought these flowers for our garden. My favorite flowers are Petunia, Daisy and cactus. But I like my cactus a lot. They are flower shaped cactus. They are easy to plant because I only have to water it once a week. They keep water in their stems. Cactus are shrubs. There are many types of cactus. Some have sharp and long spines, some have beautiful flowers and they also have globe shapes and tall tree like cactus too. So, you can tell me about the trees you like, whether they are cactus, daisy or lots more. Tell me about them at my e-mail:


I was chased by a wasp. Wasp is a species in the family of bees and ants.

One day, I was chased by a wasp called hornet. Hornets are large wasps which measured about 2 inches in size. A hornet will often become aggressive when provoked and will sting. The sting is about 6 millimeters long which injects a large amount of venom that can be described like a hot nail being driven into your leg. Hornets feed primarily on carbohydrate-rich fluids such as tree sap. They are also known to hunt insects such as flies, mantises and other vulnerable hornets and bees.

The Hornets are also known to gather water and insert it into the nest for the purpose of keeping it cool during warmer months.

Hornets live in wooded areas and make their homes in nests that consist of many hexagonal cells and are made from a combination of chewed up wood and plant fibre built by the Queen wasp. Sometimes these nests can be as big as basket balls. The Queen wasp lays egg in the cells, and takes care of them until they hatch into larva. She will then feed them with protein-rich insects until each larva turns into a hornet.

I'm glad that I wasn't sting by them.

My New Life

I am not living in Kelantan anymore. My family are beginning to make a "New Life" here in Kuantan, Pahang. The difference between the two states are the type of people. They are very polite. My father met a mechanic who owns 3 workshops. He is a very kind and polite person. Sometimes, he takes us to go fishing on the beach. His hobby is fishing. Therefore, he will fish DAY and NIGHT.

This Aidiladha, he invited us to his house. He owns a very Beautiful house. He has FOUR children and a very kind wife.

My father have bought a house in Bukit Istana. Meanwhile, we are staying in Balok. We got the house through internet. Balok is a very Beautiful small town which is very near to the beach. Sometimes, in the evening, we go fishing in the nearby beach.

The life around here is very different. The food are cheap and the place is very quiet. There are lot of shops and restaurants which are named after me, Alif. I found it very EXCITING!

I enjoyed my stay here and looking forward to make new friends once I enroll into the school here.

My Brothers University Year

If you have a big brother, they will be going into the University once they completed their Secondary studies. My brother is in a University. His is pursuing Micro Biology. My father is very proud of him.It is an interesting course for him. My family and me sent my brother to the university. On the day we sent him, there was a HUGE traffic jam at the University's entrance. My father’s car was overheated. We decided to wait for a couple of minutes to let the car engine to cool down. Luckily, a woman came and took my brother for registration. While we waited outside for about ONE hour. My brother got his room. He took his bag from the car. His bag was the BIGGEST of all among the other students. After check in everything, we finally say good bye to him. He will complete his studies in 3 years. In the mean time, he will be back for  his second semester break. I wish my brother the very best.

My Travelings

Have you ever got stuck in the middle of the road? Well, It happened to me once when we were getting back from Negeri Sembilan. It was very stressing. One day, my father wanted to send my brother to college at Negeri Sembilan BY CAR. My father rented a house at Felda Serting Homestay for a few days. Then when the day we wanted to go back, my father checked his car and ACCIDENTLY  forgotten to close the radiator cap. In the afternoon,in the middle of the highway, the car was wrecked. He called the mechanic to bring the cap. But it did not work. Then he called the mechanic to check on.The mechanic said that it needed to be fixed until tomorrow. Luckilly, my father’s friend came and sent us to a beautiful resthouse. We stayed there for quite some time. We really enjoyed our stay. This is the end of the story. But, remember..... if you want to go anywhere, travelling by car, make sure you checked your car properly.

  My Cats Are Like Humans

Some cats that you have, may be kept in cages. But my pets are different. I don’t put them in a cage.  I let them move freely and they come back at night. Sometimes, they sleep with me and play with me. Some cats that I have collected, are trained. Sadly, they have been left by their owners. But they are very well trained. They are cute and lovely cats. For example, my well trained cats are Telly & Tubby. They are actually a boy & a girl. Telly, the boy, he is a big cat, but he isn’t fat. Every day, he likes to go to other houses, and comes back at night. He is also a coward and a scardy cat. But he seems to be happy to play with me. And Tubby, the girl, always sleeps like my brother. She is a fat cat unlike Telly, she is a very cuddly cat. She did not like to go to other houses. She stays only at home and waits for her meal. She would wait in front of the house for my father to come back from work. She likes to sleep with me. I enjoy having my cats as company.

So this is it, The End........ ^_^


I hope you enjoy your new year, playing fireworks, studying at home or reading books. But I enjoyed my new year studying and playing with my cats. Sometimes, I follow my father to the supermarket. When I went home, my mother asked me to do some work. After that, I turned on the computer or played with my cats. At night, I always watch movies with my parents. Sometimes I slept at 1.00 am in the morning. Then I woke up at 11.00 am. I felt very tired. I wonder why ? Then I think because I slept late last night. Then my sister asked me to take a bath because she said “I AM SO SMELLY!”. That was the most evil thing she has ever said to me. My brother laughed. I was so angry at them. After I have taken my bath, I turned on the computer and wrote an article for my website. I helped my sister do her ' pan cup cake '. I know the name sound ridiculous but it was delicious. Then I slept on the sofa. I woke up at 7.00 pm and took my second bath. When the clock reached 12.30 am, after I watched movie, I felt very tired and I slept. So this is the end of my story… ENJOYING MY NEW YEAR. 

Its Raining

Its been raining for days this month. Roads and houses are flooded. But I saw  many people playing and bathing at flooded roads.  At night, the road markers look very blur making cars difficult to stay on the right side of the road.   Roads very slipery when it rains  and  this can cause accidents.

 Rain also can bring lots of diseases to animals, especialy cats and chickens. But sometimes, people too get sick. My brother tells me that when it rains, the germs of the diseases of animals become active. These germs attack the animals. This will affect them, and sometimes in a few days, the animal wil die. But for humans, there is one disease that is very common during the rainy season.  If we don’t look after ourselves we will catch cold, fever and stomach ache.

To prevent you from getting wet in the rain, you can wear raincoats and hats.

 I don’t like to play in the rain.

  The Market Place

The other day, I followed my father to the market. We wanted to buy some fish for my mother to cook.

I saw a lot of fish in the market. I saw some big fish and some small fish. I also saw chicken and beef sold together with crabs and prawns.

I like to eat prawns and squids. My father bought some vegetables such as salad, cucumber, tomatoes, chilli, cabbage and long beans.

When we went back to the house, I gave my mother everything we bought. I told her to cook them nicely because I was very hungry.

  What did I do during the school holidays? 

What did I do during the school holidays?    Some of you my friends,  must have travelled and visited friends in other parts of the country.    Some may have spent a quiet holiday doing things you enjoy in your own home.  Some may have gone fishing at the nearby stream. Or some may have spent the holidays helping your parents,  brothers and sisters.  Maybe there are others who would have visited bookshops in town,  looking for books you like.

As for me,  I spent most of my holidays either in front of my computer,  or at times followed my father visiting the many interesting places in Kelantan.

I think  I know about Kelantan more than anyone else.   I visited places like Kuala Krai where I  saw an old  fort used during the second world war.   I visited Labok  village near Machang where I saw  an old airfield used during the war.   I also visited interesting places like Pantai Irama in Bachok,  Pantai Pak Amat and Pantai Sabak in Pengkalan Chepa,  and Pantai Sri Tujuh in Tumpat.

Actually,  I visited and saw a lot of interesting places during the school holidays.  I enjoyed it and I learnt a lot from the visits. 


Hai kawan-kawan.   Ini Aliff sekali lagi.  Lama juga saya tulis dalam lamanweb saya ni.  Sebenarnya saya sibuk sikit,  buat persediaan untuk ujian dan peperiksaan.  Lepas tu saya pula kurang sihat dan tangan kanan saya pula cedera sikit kerana terpijak oleh kawan di bilik darjah.  Sekarang ni baru rasa elok sikit,  tapi belum cukup baik lagi.

Macam mana pun saya ada satu idea.  Saya nak jemput kawan-kawan turut serta dalam beberapa pertandingan.   Hadiah-hadiah istimewa menunggu kawan-kawan yang berjaya.

Dalam pertandingan yang mula-mula,  saya jemput kawan-kawan menghantar cerita karangan kawan-kawan sendiri.  Ceritanya macam-macam boleh tulis.  Kawan-kawan boleh tulis fasal lawatan ke tempat menarik masa cuti sekolah dulu.  Kawan-kawan boleh tulis fasal keluarga sendiri,  atau kawan-kawan boleh ceritakan fasal kucing kesayangan kawan-kawan,  dan banyak lagi.   

Cerita yang terbaik akan mendapat hadiah istimewa dari kami sekeluarga.  Kirimkan cerita kawan-kawan tu kepada saya pada

Lagi satu idea,  saya nak tubuhkan satu kelab.  Saya namakan kelab ini  'KELAB ALIFF RAMLI '.  Kalau kawan-kawan nak menyertai kelab tersebut, tekan butang ' KELAB ALIFF RAMLI ' di sebelah kanan. Tak kena bayar apa-apa pun.   

Kawan-kawan tuliskan nama,  alamat emel, dan umur.  Lepas tu emelkan kepada saya pada

Terima kasih,  dan selamat berpuasa.


My name is ALIFF.
   I am eleven years old.  I have a best friend.  His name is George. My school name is Kelantan International School. There are a lot of English students there. 

My hobbies are playing games and drawing.   I like to draw pictures of cars.  I want to be a car designer when I grow old.  I also have a lot of cats.  Their names are Foxy, Tubby, Kuti Ketik, Bobby, Pinky, Bigaa, Muchika, Tompok and Tom & Jerry.    I love my cats.

I have a brother and a sister.  My brother's name is AFFI. He always helps our father to make his website.   My sister's name is AINA.She always makes me pancake. My mother's name is Puan Nor Azlin.  She always prepares and serves meals for us.  My father's name is Mohd Tahir.  He is a very hardworking man.  I love my family very much.


I did not go to school the last few days.  I have not been feeling too well.  I had fever at night.  In the morning I have a big headache.  I don't know why,  but my brother says it is because of the weather.  It has been raining almost every day,  but only at night.

I want to go to school, but my mother says it is better I stay at home.  She says she can teach me.  So I do not go to school.

Every morning I would watch my brother and sister go to school.  I can only watch them go.  I would then wait for them to come back after school.

At home my mother looks after me,  like I am a small baby.   

What would you do if you are sick?


20 April ialah hari jadi emak saya.   Saya cukup excited menunggu ketibaan hari itu.  Saya dan abang serta kakak saya merancang membeli hadiah untuk emak.  Tetapi tak sampai hajat kami,  kerana kami masing-masing sibuk.

Rupa-rupanya ayah sudah pun mendapatkan hadiah untuk emak.  Ayah keluar dengan abang dan membawa balik ke rumah kek hari jadi dan sim card baru untuk emak.  Oleh kerana saya letih sangat,  tak sempat saya nak memotong kek hari jadi emak bersamanya.  Balik sekolah saya terus tidur.   Rasanya saya letih kerana di sekolah sudah beberapa hari ada test.

Emak pula tak buang masa.  Dia sediakan untuk kami semua pulut ikan kering dan durian.  Durian ini saya beli dengan ayah di pasar malam Wakaf Che Yeh semalam.  Sedap juga kami makan.  Emak juga belikan untuk kami bertiga chicken-chop.  Kami pun makanlah bila balik dari sekolah.

Itulah cerita saya untuk kali ini.   Selamat sambut hari jadi kami ucapkan kepada emak kami yang kami sayangi.


I go to school everyday.   My school is not very far from my house.  I make many friends in school.   I like to have more friends.  You can write to me.  You can use my email address -  Please tell me about yourself.  Tell me what you like to do after school.  Tell me also your hobbies.    

I am now in year three.  I learn many things in school.  I like to read,  and I have many books my mother bought for me.

Everyday my mother sends me to school with my brother and sister.  In the afternoon after school she will fetch us.   When I get home I will have my lunch.  Then I will do my homework.  When I finish my school work I will play with my cats.  They like playing with me.



Everyday when I go to school,  I see many things.   I see fruit trees around my house.  I see birds flying in the sky and stopping on branches of trees.  I see my cats playing with one another in front of my house.

On my way  to school,  I can see many more things.  I see the houses where my friends live.  Some are brick houses,  and many are wooden houses.  The compound of these houses are always clean.   Then I see friends going to school.  Some with their fathers and some in the school bus.

My school is not far from my house.  I have to pass by the village mosque and some shops.

My brother and sister go to school together with me.  My mother usually send us.  It takes us only a few minutes to reach school.

I think you also see many things everyday you go to school.  Please write to me so that I can put your stories in my website.  I think we will enjoy reading your stories.



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Why do we need friends?

We need friends because they are there for us during good or bad times. They never come into our life, expecting us to change. But they do correct us when we are at fault. He or she will never lie to us. We can always count on our friends. They are the ones who care for us. 

Article by Aliff Ramly   


These are my pets. They are always HUNGRY. Could you please feed them ?



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